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“I like to listen.
I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.
Most people never listen.”

– Ernest Hemingway

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Starting from the “Sidewalks of NewYork” right on up to my last Southern California mediation, I have been the “go-to-guy.” Family, friends, co-workers and even the occasional “man on the street” has called upon me to facilitate agreements. My interpersonal skills, patience, unwaivering fairness, and unyielding tenacity help guide individuals to uncover the underlying root of an issue which ultimately helps bring resolution.

I have gained varied and extensive “journeyman” experience in the fields of banking, entertainment, writing, and media relations. As a mediator my practice focuses on equal employment issues, eldercare, community-based, as well as business-related issues, and frankly, a plethora of unique circumstances which touch each of our lives daily.

As a sole practitioner within the tri-county area of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, I perform mediations, settlement conferences and phone conciliations for personal clients, businesses and a variety of community-based organizations.

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